Why Choose Transport-as-a-Service solution

Employee transportation is one of the most difficult and complex business processes that in any organization, particularly considering severe vehicle shortage, escalating costs and increasing number of transport users. With multiple office locations, thousands of employees and specific female employee safety requirements, it becomes all the more important to have an “End to End” employee transportation ecosystem implemented, which can automate the entire transport process right from Planning, Monitoring to MIS, Billing and Reporting.

Our Solution is a feature rich end-to-end employee transportation ERP solution which will implement world class employee safety controls, optimize cost, deliver higher employee satisfaction and support clients audit, MIS & Reporting requirements.


Tracking & Booking : IVR and SMS based Cab Tracking & Booking
Your employees can get location updates, book or cancel flexi-cabs or talk to transport help-desk or cab drivers through just a single IVR number.


Employee Safety : Employee safety is our first priority
With custom made tracking feature with built-in panic button and gender aware routing support during dark hours.


Cost Optimisation : Reduce transportation cost upto 30% 

A complete end to end solution which optimises the gross mileage and travel time while maintaining employee satisfaction.


Reduce Waiting Time Reduced employee wait time during pick up
Travel alert engine continuously keeps your employees updated through SMS on the actual arrival times of their respective cabs/buses.


Case Study – A Large Consulting Firm

Client is a large consulting firm specialising in Sales & Marketing Transformation. Routematic was deployed to manage the client’s transport operations in Pune and NCR.


Case Study – Multinational Hotels company

Client is a British multinational hotels company having various hotel brands under its umbrella. Routematic was deployed to manage client’s transport operations in India office.

Solution - Some Features

E Roster

Our solution supports both web and mobile based rostering for employee transportation. Roster rights can either be given to the employees directly or can be retained with the SPOC. It supports daily, weekly and monthly rostering. The system can be configured to open rostering on a specific day of the week or month and then close the same.

Intelligent Routing 

We support several routing variants such as route replication, learning based routing and our patented deviation based routing algorithm.Deviation based routing algorithm for employee transportation allows the organization to lance employee comfort parameters with cost and delivers routing output with 100% accuracy.

Vehicle Tracking 

The transport team as well as the employees to track vehicles in real time using GPS data. The transport team can track all vehicles in the employee transport system on a map interface along with details of the employees in the vehicles.