About Us

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced and increasingly globalized business landscape, agility and efficiency are key to your competitiveness. IADC is a leading performance improvement company committed to providing flexible, customized learning and development solutions that align to your business, cultural and regional requirements. With presence throughout North, Central and South Vietnam, we are strategically positioned to deliver consistent, trans-formative, performance-driven services at locations around the Vietnam.

Our commitment starts by making sure we are culturally aligned and understand your goals as well as you do. It continues with leveraging our world-class expertise, people and resources to address your business challenges. And, throughout, it includes accountability, focus, industry knowledge, unparalleled buying power and the level of service that inspires long-term partnerships.


INNOVATE To deliver higher value through innovative HR solutions and HR Services.
STRIVE Work continuously towards delivering more value to our clients and partners, as preferred HR solution provider.
 ACHIEVE To be top three brands in HR Solutions and HR Services in Vietnam


Making a meaningful impact

IADC is at best when we’re helping our clients achieve their best. Our passion is to make a meaningful impact by helping you:

• Create leaders that drive performance at all levels
• Sell more...faster
• Deliver efficient and sustainable energy
• Ensure safe products
• Develop effective practices and work environments
• Prepare communities and organizations to mitigate risks
• Achieve results in complex regulatory arenas
• Empower people to reach their highest potential
• Improve performance across the globe

Executive Profiles

 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTYour Leadership Development Partner
HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENTYour Human Capital Development Partner
 TRAINING & DEVELOPMENTYour Training Development Partner
SALES PROGRAMSYour Sales Program Partner
TALENT MANAGEMENT & ASSESSMENT  Your Talent Management & Assessment Partner
 HR OUTSOURCINGYour HR Outsourcing Partner