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Zoho One Vietnam

Zia for Zoho One: Zoho Intelligent Assistant to be extended across apps

Work Smarter with Zia
Meet Zia, the AI-powered assistant for your business. Whether you're collecting customer data, writing a document, or just looking for some sales numbers, Zia works hard to make your job easy.

Keep an eye on your customers
Zia understands the sentiment and content of your support tickets. She tags each support ticket as it comes in so it gets to the right person. Zia notices trends, meaning she detects when something is wrong and can alert you as soon as it happens.


Search with full context

Search for a customer and Zia shows you every email, support request, or deal with them and every chat, presentation, or document they're mentioned in. Reply to the messages or make an update from the search results.

Give your CRM a talking to
Recording client info is useful, but sometimes it feels like a chore. Now sales reps can talk to Zia to update records or dictate notes.

Know your leads
Zia will enter data for you – she can automatically enrich leads with extra details like the size of their company, phone number, or office address.

Make predictions
By analyzing your sales history, Zia uses machine learning to identify your likelihood of winning each deal. Use Zia's predictions to win more deals that are at risk of falling through the cracks.

Zoho One Vietnam

When Apps Work Together, Your Business Runs Better.
Zoho One gives you one suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications for your entire organization. Simply turn on an app to improve a process. Then connect multiple apps so different teams can work together to delight customers, manage finances, and work productively.

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