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Work on Ten Choices Principal 

There will be plenty of time for you to focus on what you do best later in your career, but early on, you want to learn through at-least "Ten Choices" of work roles and increase your exposure. Broadening your perspective, going where opportunity takes you, and doing what scares you can all be career game changers.

Learn all in Big Company 
Working for an good big company right for you to a broad range of experiences,it teaches you basic skills and best practices, helps you get out and build your professional network, and prepares you to excel at whatever you find your best suited for – at whatever level you’re capable of achieving. 

Build Career Equity, Money will follow
That’s how I've always approached my career: First and foremost I took on as much responsibility as I could get my hands on and did the very best job I possibly could. Even as a relatively low-level employee, I felt as if it was my company. Guess what? That’s how founders and executives act. And that’s how they move up the ladder and make the big bucks .... in equity.


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