By: I am Dream Catcher Ltd | October 24, 2018

Why organizations ought to give worker transportation ?


  1. Safety: A trusted transportation system ensures that the employees don’t have to worry about reaching at work and back home safely. This is even more necessary for female employees and those working in the odd hours.
  2. Employee productivity: In absence of the company provided transport system, the employees are either forced to take public transport or their private vehicles. By the time they get to office and compose themselves, lot of time is lost. This time can be made productive so the employee can prepare for the day while on commute.
  3. Effective retention method: With job security becoming disturbingly uncertain and employee attrition rates being high, a secure transport system can be a good way to ensure employee retention.
  4. Employee friendly company’s image: The combination of retaining the good employees and ensuring increased productivity will have a direct positive impact on the overall company image. This also impacts the bottom line numbers as happy employees tend to be more productive. Productive employees then result in better work quality and the subsequently, the entire organization benefits.

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