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Today’s selling environment is more difficult than an uphill struggle. Far from being removed from front-line revenue generators, HR can actually have a significant impact on lifting the sales performance of employees. Indeed, the good news is that sales teams within companies can adopt a strategic and intentional approach of working with HR, through corporate training and executive coaching initiatives, to improve their success rate. All these skills can be taught, applied and measured. 

Research has found that an intersection of customer relationship level and sales processes level predicted sales success. Six of the 12 practices drive relationship levels, with the balance driving the sales process. Here are the 12 practices:

  1. Articulating solutions aligned to customers’ needs
  2. Delivering a consistent customer experience
  3. Assessing why top performers are successful
  4. Determining the reason for losing a salesperson 
  5. Collecting and sharing best practices across the organization
  6. Holding sales managers accountable for their teams’ use of resources
  7. Communicating appropriate value messages
  8. Supporting continuous development of the people, 
  9. Developing and ensuring implementation of performance improvement plans
  10. Having positive interactions in all channels
  11. Surfacing reasons why customers stop doing business; and 
  12. Selling value to avoid discounting or gaining comparative value in return for price concessions. 

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