Training and Development

It’s common knowledge, training and development teams are being made to do more with less resources. External pressures to focus attention on other core competencies is putting training and development on low priority. We have the resources and expertise to take the pressure off and provide managed training solutions for the full spectrum of training on behalf of your company.

  1. Training Content Design and Training Content Development
  2. Training Administration and Training Delivery
  3. Training Technologies

Training Content Design and Content Development

Content Design & Development

One of the key challenges for organisation today is to enable their talent to perform at a high level in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Traditional approaches to training solutions are no longer equipped to deliver the business impact that organisation need.

  1. Performance-Centric Approach- High performing organisation are shifting from a training-centric approach to a performance-centric one. They’re partnering with us to help them leverage a more dynamic, agile approach to designing performance-centric training solutions. Performance-centric stands out as a way to blend the best elements of the iterative elements of an Agile approach, thus creating the most effective training solutions possible.
  2. Training Design and Development- In addition to training content development, clients are engaging with us to analyse their current training solutions and identify key areas for improvement. These areas include leveraging a mobile strategy, shifting from live events to more blended training solutions, improving the effectiveness of their e-Learning, and integrating a more interactive and visual approach to content design.
  3. Training Measurement and Training Evaluation- The final piece of an effective performance-centric training system is a robust evaluation and measurement system. Not only we help clients create effective solutions, we also help them refine their approach for measuring and evaluating success.

      • Is the training solution promoting knowledge transfer?
      • Is a curricula or program enabling positive business results?
      • What types of activities should an organisation measure?
      • How frequently should they measure?

These are all questions we can help answer with our training content development strategy!

Training Administration and Training Delivery

Learning Administration & Delivery

For a host of reasons, more and more companies are choosing Training administration and Training delivery Solutions as a sound business strategy. A good outsourcing strategy ensures cost-effectiveness and a greater focus on core business, plus access to world class solutions.

  1. Training administration – Cost-effective, high performing, and consistent global deployment and repeat delivery programs that align with your training strategy. Quality checks for accuracy in Data Entry, Schedule Management, Instructor/Facility Coordination, Course Materials Printing and Distribution, Inventory Management, Training Room Logistics, Completion Management, Course Billing & Reconciliation, and Evaluation & Reporting.
  2. Training Delivery – Leverage hundreds of internal and external instructor resources that meet your training delivery needs when and where you need them around the globe. Our instructor management and training administration system allows us to maintain uniformity in, and control over, the instructor recruitment, certification, and evaluation processes. These training delivery methods ensure exceptional performance by internal staff and contract resources with a focus on consistent quality and cost-effective management of the instructor base.

Training Technologies

Learning Technologies

Objectives, culture, processes and training technologies. These are all factors to take into account when designing a training program. We have the expertise to help you develop a training technology strategy and ensure the success of your training initiatives with the following:

  1. Consulting services – Using a range of methodologies, including front-end analysis to enterprise assessments, We will gauge your challenges and performance objectives, and design a training strategy just for you.
  2. Training technologies – We are uniquely positioned to advise your company on the training technology best suited to your needs.
  3. Professional services – From consulting to full systems integration for training technology.